5 September 2014

Honour Over Glory

So today I recieved an amazing package from honour over glory including a jumper, tees, and joggers. I love the fact that these pieces are so comfy but still stylish to wear every day. My jumper is so warm and fluffy, I haven't taken it off today.

Their Instagram is @honouroverglory or visit their site www.honouroverglory.com

4 September 2014

Nike Scream Green Huaraches

So yesterday I recieved my amazing scream green huaraches. I ordered these online from size and being a massive sneaker head I fell in love with them instantly.

White black green and blue, aren't they amazing. They originally came out in the 90's and I love nike some much for bringing these back. 

I have size 6 feet and I would suggest to try before you buy as they do come up small, I normal fit a size 5.5 in nike but these 6's are tight as I established when I was shopping a few weeks back when I tried some on in JD sports. I love bright colours and these stand out so much, even though we are nearing autumn I still will always love my brightly coloured trainers.


2 September 2014

Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara

Today I will be posting my review of the new rimmel wonder'full mascara with argan oil. I picked up this mascara from boots as I had seen this advertised on TV and my old mascara was nearing its end. I paid £5.99 which is pretty inexpensive as far as mascaras going, and with argan products being so popular at the moment I thought I would give it a try.

The brush is plastic and not bristles, which is something I personally will always go for, when buying my mascaras. I'm just not a fan of bristles as I find they clog my eyelashes. I have had this mascara nearly a week and the one thing I will say is it does give you a very even finish, but if you're looking for a mascara that's going to give alot of thickness and volume you will likely be dissapointed, as its very sparse on the eyelashes. I normally use two coats to give what I would expect from a normal mascara would in one.

Another thing I disliked is that it didn't come plastic wrapped like some of the more expensive mascaras do, so anyone can open it at the store or use it, which in my opinion is pretty poor hygienic wise, and also you would assume if someone had opened it, this will reduce the length of time the mascara will last. The actually mascara packing is nice, its a metallic golden brown, obviously a reflection on the argan.

Overall I would rate this product a 6.5 out of 10, I liked the product more than I disliked it but I would would not buy it again, I think there are far better mascaras on the market.
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