19 November 2015

Talking About Anxiety/Trust


3 November 2015

Glamorous Autumn Sparkles & Bold Red Lip


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22 April 2015

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31 March 2015

Pharrel Williams Adidas Superstars

So last friday these beauties were released by Adidas. The Pharrel Williams Adidas Superstars, and these were made in a tonne of amazing colours. I personally bought two pairs, one in hot pink and the other in a pastel blue. And I must say, I am in love with them. I used to wear superstars when I was younger back in school, and before they became super popular again I found a pair (I was amazed they still existed) and ever since then they became more and more available again. The colours are mostly quite vibrant in this range, but there are a few pastel colours like these out there too, unfortunately I think they are limited, and alot sold out very quickly. But now its spring, I think these are perfect for some warmer outfits and are really eye-catching.


23 March 2015

Louis Vuitton Evidence Sunglasses

So today guys my amazing new sunglasses came, I was going to purchase these last year but decided on a bag instead and I got some trusty ray bans, so this year I decided to treat myself to them. These are the Louis Vuitton Evidence sunglasses and these come in two nose fits, I got the 'W' which stands for western nose bridge and the 'E' stands for eastern nose bridge. E - Eastern frame (also referred as Asian frame) glasses, are designed for those with a flatter nose bridge and or "flatter face". W - Western frame are those with high bridge noses. I believe you can get these sunglasses in red, white and black but I went for black as I feel black goes with everything. 

The detail on the sunglasses is amazing, the gold trim frame with the new school Louis Vuitton emblems are so pretty and I just really liked the attention to detail although most would notice without looking up close. I really don't suit oval or round sunglasses, I have to go for the aviator or wider style fit sunglasses, although I have a small head, these suit me better than any other style, and the Louis Vuitton fortunately (I had to hope) suit me too, in fact I think this style would suit literally most people as they are super flattering.

I also loved the packaging that Louis Vuitton use, its so pretty and comes with all your authenticity stuff so you can prove they are real if they ever needed to be rehomed.


22 March 2015

Some Of My New Favourite Products

So I had a haul a week or two ago and before I decided to post my pics I wanted to use them first so that I could give you guys my feedback. First of all I purchased a new makeup brush which was the CID Cosmetics Foundation Buffing Brush which cost £23.40, this may seem quite expensive but this brush was the foundation brush I used in my new makeup tutorial video and it cut my application time in half because it is so big, its so easy to use and it is honestly the best foundation brush I have ever purchased, which I'm super happy about as I was concerned it wouldn't be worth the price tag. I also got myself a little eyeshadow brush which honestly I wasn't too impressed with and isn't worth naming. 

My Kardashian beauty kit which is a mixture of eyeshadow, blush and highlight is brilliant and I believe cost me around £15 but when I went to link the product it appeared to be discontinued (sorry girls).  

The Stila one step illuminating primer is amazing and retails at  £24 in most places but if you go to look fantastic they do it for under £22, its applied before foundation, helps keep it in place and also gives a beautiful glow, and I also used this product in my newest video if you guys want to see how I apply this combo along with foundation. 

The Maybeline eye eraser concealer cost £7.99 and you can get this from boots and a million other places, its fantastic, and I purchased this because i recently got the maybelline super stay foundation which was brilliant and so I had to try it, its great for dark circle and for blemishes, its not a super heavy concealer but its really lightweight and gives a medium coverage, it comes in two shades, light and nude and I personally got the light. 

Lastly is the real techniques stippling bush which was £10.99 and as usual real techniques never lets me down, and was great. The whole range is super affordable and you can get these products at boots and super drug I believe, they have a tonne of makeup brushes and having already owned a few, this purchase was a safe bet for me.


Nike AM1 Ultra Moire

Unsurprising I went shopping on Saturday and fell in love with these beautiful Nike Air Max. The pastel green colour is beautiful and really caught my eye. I wanted some comfy footwear for driving when I drive long distance and when I tried them on they didn't disappoint, they were super comfortable, and they are also really wearable as they stretch to fit your foot.

I'm normally a size 6 but I managed to fit in a 5, although I decided to get a 5.5 UK sizing as I wanted to be comfy and not have them too tight. These are so perfect for spring and summer and if you want some super comfortable footwear. They retail at £110.


Candy Nails

So I finally had my nails done again at the amazing unique nails in Nottingham, which is off the highstreet. I always go here, the owners are so lovely, and when I went in on Saturday I felt like I wanted something different. I love pastel colours at the moment and we picked out the colours and decided it would look really pretty. I think the colours are amazing now that's it's starting to get a little warmer.


18 March 2015

Adidas Raf Simons

Love my new trainers by Raf Simons, well known as creative director for dior. He has brought out this unreal range of Stan smith trainers for adidas, I had to have the pastel pink as they were my favourite. These retail at £240 so not cheap but they are most certainly eyecatching. Amazing.


17 March 2015

The Balm Lou Manizer Review

Literally in love with the Lou Manizer range. These were brought to my attetion online after having seen the amazing swatches, as they are super pigmented and so glowy. There are three as shown in my pictures (bronze,blush,highlight) named Betty, Cindy and Mary. and I wanted to try them all so I purchased these offline and I definitely wasn't disappointed. They are £17 each and I got mine off of feel unique at www.feelunique.com

They massively resemble the mac mineralize range due to the glowy/shimmer finish which personally I adore.


5 March 2015

Xen Tan, Real techniques & Boujois

I really needed a new bronzer and a brush to apply my contour (when I am not being lazy) and some facial tanner because I have the facial tone of Casper. I've used xen tan before and they have an amazing range of products. I also have a huge variety of real techniques brushes and they are my favourite drug store brand range of makeup brushes. I don't think I've ever tried a bourjois bronzer apart from the chocolate one everyone used to have, which smells amazing, so I'm excited to use this as I love shimmery bronzer's, and I already have a few matte bronzers so I thought I would give this a try. I opened it up and it smells beautiful and applies really well, I use my large real techniques brush to apply my bronzer to my cheekbones.


1 March 2015

New YSL And Louboutins

So I went shopping in Manchester and decided to get myself a going out bag, I tried two but I chose this because it has a long chain and the other had a far shorter one which I didn't like as much. This YSL is amazing, it's literally a purse inside where I can put all of my cards, a middle section for my money (coins and notes) and  also some space for lipsticks and a few other small makeup items too. The only downside is  it wasn't large enough to fit in a hair brush etc as the bag is quite slim, I chose nude as I thought it would go well with most outfits.

I had also wanted a pair of louboutins for a while but was pessimistic as I usually ruin any heels I buy within the first hour of wearing them, but I fell in love with these shoes as soon as I saw them and I looked at a lot as we had been to London the previous week. They are a patent peeps and are 150mm in height. I'm normally a size 5 or a 6 totally depending on style and brand but I tried these on in a 6 and a 6 and a half and I thought the 6 was too small, and with them being so high sometimes you feel as though you might topple over if they are. Im so glad I didn't buy these offline as I was told that they vary a lot in size depending on the style of  Louboutin so will always make sure I try them on in future as I have tried on other styles and fitted in a smaller size.


Nike Air Max

I treated myself to these amazing nike air max from America, you can't get them in the UK and as much as I love size and footlocker I like thinking outside of the box and having unique pieces, they are amazing, they are metallic pink/purple, black and cream base with brown leather label.


28 February 2015

Launays Restaurant

Tonight I went to launays restaurant in Edwinstowe and had a three course meal. Food was lovely, it was around a 30 minute drive and in the middle of nowhere really but was really cosy and I wanted to try somewhere new so decided the drive would hopefully be worth it. I had a seafood starter with mussels, prawn, oyster (first and last time I will ever have oyster) and cockles. Then for main I had a ribeye steak with chunky chips and salad, and for pudding I had the 'sweet shop' which was an eray of amazing snacks with enough sugar to live off for a year. What a little hidden gem.


Buscemi Trainers

So, the other week I went to Manchester and decided to do some hard core shoe shopping, I went to Harvey Nichols, it was a really rushed last minute decision as I live an hour and a half from Manchester and left late in the day so by the time I go there it was around 4/5 o clock. I treated myself to a costa and then decided to go to selfridges and found nothing, so I sped over to Harvey Nichols and I tried on a few pairs of trainers, I literally fell in love with these shoes instantly, the detail on these shoes is amazing, they have small padlocks on the back and a lock fastening on the front, the gold and white compliment so well and I wanted some high end trainers for a change as I constantly buy Nikes at the moment so I fancied something A bit different, and if you guys follow me on instagram you will probably realise I like my trainers and I have a large collection.

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