23 March 2015

Louis Vuitton Evidence Sunglasses

So today guys my amazing new sunglasses came, I was going to purchase these last year but decided on a bag instead and I got some trusty ray bans, so this year I decided to treat myself to them. These are the Louis Vuitton Evidence sunglasses and these come in two nose fits, I got the 'W' which stands for western nose bridge and the 'E' stands for eastern nose bridge. E - Eastern frame (also referred as Asian frame) glasses, are designed for those with a flatter nose bridge and or "flatter face". W - Western frame are those with high bridge noses. I believe you can get these sunglasses in red, white and black but I went for black as I feel black goes with everything. 

The detail on the sunglasses is amazing, the gold trim frame with the new school Louis Vuitton emblems are so pretty and I just really liked the attention to detail although most would notice without looking up close. I really don't suit oval or round sunglasses, I have to go for the aviator or wider style fit sunglasses, although I have a small head, these suit me better than any other style, and the Louis Vuitton fortunately (I had to hope) suit me too, in fact I think this style would suit literally most people as they are super flattering.

I also loved the packaging that Louis Vuitton use, its so pretty and comes with all your authenticity stuff so you can prove they are real if they ever needed to be rehomed.


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