22 March 2015

Some Of My New Favourite Products

So I had a haul a week or two ago and before I decided to post my pics I wanted to use them first so that I could give you guys my feedback. First of all I purchased a new makeup brush which was the CID Cosmetics Foundation Buffing Brush which cost £23.40, this may seem quite expensive but this brush was the foundation brush I used in my new makeup tutorial video and it cut my application time in half because it is so big, its so easy to use and it is honestly the best foundation brush I have ever purchased, which I'm super happy about as I was concerned it wouldn't be worth the price tag. I also got myself a little eyeshadow brush which honestly I wasn't too impressed with and isn't worth naming. 

My Kardashian beauty kit which is a mixture of eyeshadow, blush and highlight is brilliant and I believe cost me around £15 but when I went to link the product it appeared to be discontinued (sorry girls).  

The Stila one step illuminating primer is amazing and retails at  £24 in most places but if you go to look fantastic they do it for under £22, its applied before foundation, helps keep it in place and also gives a beautiful glow, and I also used this product in my newest video if you guys want to see how I apply this combo along with foundation. 

The Maybeline eye eraser concealer cost £7.99 and you can get this from boots and a million other places, its fantastic, and I purchased this because i recently got the maybelline super stay foundation which was brilliant and so I had to try it, its great for dark circle and for blemishes, its not a super heavy concealer but its really lightweight and gives a medium coverage, it comes in two shades, light and nude and I personally got the light. 

Lastly is the real techniques stippling bush which was £10.99 and as usual real techniques never lets me down, and was great. The whole range is super affordable and you can get these products at boots and super drug I believe, they have a tonne of makeup brushes and having already owned a few, this purchase was a safe bet for me.



  1. Hey! Is there any chance you could post a tutorial on how you do your eye make up and what you use? It's unbelievably breathtaking! Thanks!

    1. Ive posted two on my youtube channel the link is here or on this website the videos are posted


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