19 August 2016

My 30 Before 30 List

Today I decided to make a 30 before list and as I've grown older and been through so many experiences the past year I decided to write down the things I really want to do and achieve before I reach 30 in the next 5 years. So here we go.

1. Visit Amsterdam
2. Visit Australia
3. Visit America
4. Visit Thailand or Bali
5. Go to Paris and see the Eiffel tower
6. Get my teeth finished (retainer/filed/whitened)
7. Do a makeup course
8. Become an MUA full or part time
9. Go for 3 days without social media
10. Grow my hair out (all one length & healthy)
11. Have a spa day with a family member or close friend
12. Visit a new city I have never been and go for a night out
13. Finish decorating my room
14. Visit Harry Potter world
15. Start doing photography more again
16. Youtube upload regularly
17. Go to a wedding
18. Reach 1 million on instagram
19. Reach 500k on youtube
20. Reach 1 million on youtube
21. Swim with dolphins or cage dive with sharks
22. Fall in love again
23. Save £20,000
24. Run a marathon for charity
25. Love my self again
26. Blog regularly
27. Treat/suprise my mum and dad
28. Go go karting/driving range day with dad
29. Visit a waterfall
30. Sell my other car

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